April 15, 2011

A not so serious meeting

Yesterday I went to meet up with someone who wanted to offer me something-I-can't-tell-you-right now. So, I was guessing I had to wear something neat because that was not just another hang out with your friends. But I didn't want to look boring either, therefore I ended up adding something playful to my outfit. :)

ZARA blazer, GOWIGASA white dress

Holding my dress down due to the pervert wind.

IGNORE the thread! Forgot to cut or photoshop it okay!

I don't usually show my teeth when I smile for a picture,
because I always feel my face looks goofy when my teeth are showing. :|
(I swear I laugh a lot in real life!)

Topman hearty socks, Linea shoes

Sea of Pearl necklace from GOWIGASA <3

Dooney & Bourke bag

The meeting went smoothly, but I can't make a decision just yet, it was a very tough offer. Gaahhh!!!

Enough about the secret meeting, let's talk about something else!
Two days ago there were some really nice people who made this site just for us:  
http://bit.ly/weloveelleandjess (TADAH!!), aren't they sweet? THANK YOU nice people!! :)

One of them is this guy named Pitra, he is the proud owner of this site which currently ranked #22 in Indonesia Matters Rank, and yesterday we were honored to be interviewed by him! Click the picture below to read the interview.
Thanks once again, Sir!!


  1. Love you girls!
    and whats all about the Yamada surname? miiko elder sisters?


  2. Wahaha, thank you Elle, Jess :))

    (minta diskon)

  3. i loveee the print of your socks xx
    so cutteee <3

  4. @Gilb: haha yes I think we fit all the criteria to be miiko's elder sisters.

    @Mich: thank you gorgeous! you can get them at Topman. :) and btw, we looove your blog! x

  5. Awwww... I don't wear socks anymore unless with sneakers, but these look great on you! I do wear dark stockings with open-toe heels to work everyday, fashion rule breaker I know, but more for practical than fashion reason. And since I'm not in the fashion industry, I think that's ok, rite. :)
    Anyway, just found your blog, and have added you to my favorite section. (I prefer to read blog than see just pictures in Chictopia somehow) Love your style, love your look (you girls are so pretty!).
    Salam kenal yah.
    PS: I tried to log in with my google account, dunno why the comment appears as anonym. :(

    LeeAnne, Style N Season