August 11, 2011

Bye Bye, Unwanted Hair!

Have you ever wonder why such thing as ARMPIT HAIR exists? Not only it's not pretty, it is also freaking useless. Couple months ago, Jess did a quick research and found this site dedicated for The (infamous) Armpit Hair, *Warning: Disturbing Image Attached* Hahaha. Not only underarm hair (nickname for pit hair) lah, we girls also questioning the existence of leg's hair, arm's hair, upper lip's hair (yes, it is a nickname for mustache, and yes, some of us DO have a tiny bit share of mustache lol), and not to mention PUBIC hair. Why... Oh... Why... T______T

So, in order to get that smooth and hairless look we want, we braced ourselves and went through Shaving, Threading, Plucking, Waxing, Sugaring, til the latest one: Epilating.
These methods DID remove the unwanted hair but -we don't know about you guys, but with us, the hair grew back in a very short period of time (uh, in less than a week?). It's kinda frustrating, not to mention the pain from waxing and plucking, and also the negative side effect from shaving (ingrown hairs, bleeding, etc.) Epilator was our favorite method so far, but it's also temporary.

Now now, while longing for the perfect way to remove all these unwanted hair, we found this piece of advertorial in a magazine not so long ago. It was about this hair removal specialist; ZAP. Quoting from the website:
"ZAP offers Intense Pulsed Light technology for Permanent Hair Removal. Its enjoyable and cost effective. ZAP is the most affordable Permanent Hair Removal in Indonesia. Price starts from Rp.75.000. ZAP is the specialist in permanent hair removal treatment using popular technology in Australia and other major countries in the world. ZAP uses only FDA and CE approved machine, and is supported by professional consultants. ZAP is the specialist in permanent hair removal treatment using technology that has been very popular in Australia and other major countries in the world. ZAP uses the most advanced technology in today’s world market in removing “unwanted hair” quickly, safely and pain-free. Technology used by ZAP has passed USA FDA and or CE. ZAP Indonesia has brought consultants directly from Australia to ensure ZAP to provide International Standard Services. ZAP Permanent Hair Removal is a new breakthrough in the treatment of the body that upholds the quality of services. ZAP offers best services and provide optimum results at competitive prices. ZAP OUTLET is in an easily accessible location in large cities of Indonesia, such are Jakarta, Surabaya and Bandung, in the future ZAP plans to open several new outlets in major Shopping Centers in major cities of Indonesia. Up to now, ZAP has done more than 25.000 treatment to more than 5000 clients mainly living in Jakarta, Surabaya and Bandung. with demographic market of 30% male and 70% female, SES A-B+, age within 17-45 years old. Through a unique concept ZAP introduced ZAP Permanent Hair Removal and its superiority to all people of Indonesia."
Ok it basically offers a completely safe and different technique from any of those methods we mentioned before. What makes it different is: ZAP offers us PERMANENT RESULT*! Imagine how much time we'd save PLUS how gorgeous those smooth and hairless body parts would look like!! So we thought: "Omo, this is meant to be!" and decided to give it a try ;)
It took, more or less, 5 times for a best result for permanent hair removal, due to hair condition. It takes 6-12 weeks until 2 month for each treatment. Due to the different phases of hair growth, a waiting-period of 6 weeks should be necessary for the best result.

We went to the closest ZAP outlet which is located at 
Belleza, Jakarta. The place looks nice and we were greeted by their friendly crews. For starter, each of us were asked to fill two forms regarding our physical condition and some of our personal data. After that, they took us to two separate rooms and began the treatment (WATCH THE VIDEO PLEASE for the full progress, HAHAHA):

Okay the treatment was exceptionally PAINLESS! Both me and elle felt absolutely nothing but some kind of flicking? Haha and it was very comfortable (I even fell asleep during the treatment wtf) compared to the other hair removal methods we mentioned before. AND since ZAP offers greater result (permanent removal), we were expecting even greater pain loh... Hahaha turns out it was more effective, yet much more painless. The best hair removal method or what?? :D :D

Happy legs, hairless legs!

So, after longing for that perfect way for hair removal, we have finally found it and can happily say, "Bye bye, unwanted hair!"

Jess & Elle
© Jessica & Elissa Yamada 2011
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Click the links below for more info about ZAP ;)


  1. Carefull though...Setiap benda ada untuk maksud tertentu. Setau gue sih ya,CMIIW, keberadaan bulu di tubuh adalah sebagai pengendali temperatur kulit, pencegahan iritasi akibat pengaruh luar maupun akibat pengaruh badan (contoh suhu tubuh dan kadar keasaman keringat)....dan pernah baca juga bulu adalah bentuk fisik 'pelampiasan' tubuh atas sekresi hormon yang berlebih....(pernah mendengar mitos hairy women have more libidos?)

    Pengalaman cc gue sihh...dia harus operasi pembuluh darah. Pembuluh darah di ketiaknya mengeras akibat salah satu metode penghilangan bulu tersebut...(yaiks!!!)

    Be grateful on what you have...I personally like the way i look WITH my armpit. Don't worry i always kept them clean and fresh!!!

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  3. beautiful faces ciii! I have a lot of feet hair too, hehe. But I'm not brave enough to remove it:) http:/

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  5. So that's where the Zap got their name...

    Nice going, girls- I bet this entry (just like the rest), will be very helpful for all of the woman in Indonesia.

    PS: if the two of you are being treated at the same time at separate rooms, who is the one that took the vid?

  6. wow, thanks for the recommendation! I thought there's no way to remove unwanted hair without feeling painful :)

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