August 02, 2011

Rosso and Rock Bar, Bali

Let's rewind to the time when my feet just landed in Bali, July 18.

It was late enough when I got there because I missed my flight, so all I did for the rest of the day were check-in to the hotel, rest for a bit, and have a nice dinner with my friends at Warung Made (no pictures taken there, but I recommend the Nasi Campur!). Afterward, we went on to Rosso (dine & lounge) just to enjoy the lounge and have a dessert. The place is on the sidewalk, but not as lame as in Jakarta where the pollution interferes. Great atmosphere, friendly service, and the seats were spread out enough so we can enjoy our conversation without any competition from others.

Will we be back? Definitely.

The highlight: Bailey's Souffl√© for the dessert ♥

Going back to the hotel (Maxi Hotel) on Delman Dokar (thanks for the correction, Bie)! I think the last time I got on it was when I could hardly walk.

// DAY 2 //

We went to Dreamland on the second day to enjoy the beach (you can read the post here). After that, we decided to pamper ourselves and catch the sun set at the most spectacular bar in Bali, ROCK BAR.

Rock Bar is an open-topped bar located at Ayana Resort and Spa Bali which takes the concept of "on the rocks" to a whole new level. They offer breathtaking 360-degree views from every single vantage point.

Arrived at AYANA.

Queuing. The queue line is divided into two lines (left and right). The right one is for the hotel guests only, talk about privileges.

Finally the long queue is over (about 30 minutes). After the queue, we had to wait for the inclinator to arrive to 'get down' to the bar.

(Almost) Sun set.

Tadah! This is the inclinator I was talking about.

Took a picture first while waiting for the table. By the way, you can see my whole outfit on that day here.

Unique style of the menu.

The Cocktails.

The Snacks - Calamari Fritti and Chicken Pop Corn. (They don't serve main course)

Stephanie - Angie - Olivia

And finally... a beautiful S U N S E T that warmed up our hearts.

"The magic of the Rock Bar is to feel the sea close to you and enjoy the coastal scenery and the surf," says Yasuhiro Koichi, the designer.

Quick Facts:
- Regular opening hours: 4pm-1am everyday (until 2am on Friday - Sunday)
- Dress code: Smart attire; no singlets or boardshorts, and no alcohol-branded attire.



  1. Nice holiday ci :) Envy huhuhu pengen kesana juga..

  2. bukan delman elle..itu kita dsni nyebutnya dokar..:)

  3. ♥ wow so fantastic sunset:) but just for recomendation Logi coast at the port is not less beautiful queen,,, accompanied by Quil dewi kwan im :)

  4. @Karina: iya, make sure kamu kesana ya kalo ke Bali, gak rugi deh hehe

    @Chelle: ahahaha thanks a lot dear, corrected!

    @Trie: ok thanks for your recommendation :)

  5. looks like such a fun holiday!
    Rosso looks fab, surely will give it a try next time i drop by Bali

    style frontier

  6. your skin so white like snow white, as pretty as snow white, very pretty! ;;) looks like you have good time there.

  7. you look gorgeous! Bali is a great place, it seems like you had a great vacation :D

  8. you look like you had a fun holiday there :)
    bali is always amazing.. it's one of my fave places in the whole world..

    www.glisters and

  9. ouhhh your food and drink make me starving in the midnight <3

  10. aww~
    you look so pretty <3
    and it's like you had a great time on there :D


  11. Rock Bar seems like one hot place right now in Bali! haven't got the perfect time to go to Bali again, but thanks for the review! :)
    you look pretty as always


  12. ah, rosso vivo is a must to visit place in bali!:)

    Journal J