January 06, 2015


Hi everyone,
I hope you all had a nice holiday.

At first I was thinking of sharing my new year's resolutions as my first post in 2015, being inspirational and all that jazz, but I have none–yet.

So instead, I'll just share this colorful outfit to wish you a COLORFUL YEAR ahead!! haha
*insert inspirational quotes about colorful life here*

What I Wore: GOWIGASA Teddy Bow Plaid Shirt and Mustard HW Skirt | Kenzo Bag | Jason Wu Mustard Leather Buckle Sandals

In all seriousness though,
"Your life is a canvas. Make sure you paint yourself a whole lot of colorful days."

Elissa Yamada

December 18, 2014

Blowing Desserts - Mixology Gastronomy at Locale 24 Diner & Bar

Holiday is coming, who's up for *literally* mind-blowing desserts to celebrate tis joyful season? WE ARE!

Some of you might remember Locale, a stylish Diner & Bar located in PIK (Pantai Indah Kapuk), North Jakarta, which we reviewed couple months ago here.
This month, Locale is launching these three exciting new menus which you can enjoy yourself or share and double the fun with your friends: BLOWING DESSERT - FROZEN FRIENDS! Let's take a look~ ;D

Cool Kids

Sophisticatedly made, Cool Kids consists of Coffee + Coffee Jelly (served in shot glasses), three Homemade Chocolate Wafers and Liquid Nitrogen.

Elle cannot have this one because she's allergic to coffee (poor her)! Jess loves this, though. The Coffee shots and the Liquid-Nitrogen-Frozen Homemade Chocolate Wafers are a match made in dessert-heaven!

Pink Pop Rocks

The name says it all. This gem is not only pretty, it is delicious as well! Pink Pop Rocks is made of Coconut Jelly, Berry Puree, Berry souffle and Liquid Nitrogen.

The pinky stuff on the plate makes popping, crackling sound and movement when you put it inside your mouth, like a popcorn! Then comes the Cotton Candy Ball (which is dipped inside the nitrogen bucket before you eat it), put it inside your mouth, and voila! It puffs and the strawberry jam inside it pours and melts in your mouth. Top it all with the strawberry ice cream (made with the Liquid Nitrogen as well!) for a cool, creamy, moist berry-sweet sensation. This lightweight dessert is really fun to have, as well as magical to see. XD

MICE - Macarons, Ice Cream, Eclairs

MICE stands for its ingredients, which are Macarons, Ice Cream, Eclairs, Chocolate Mousse and Liquid Nitrogen. The Cookies you see up there are Macaron Cookies! 

As you dip into the smooth Eclair, Vanilla Ice Cream and all the chocolatey goods, be prepared to dip the Macaron Cookies into the Liquid Nitrogen bucket, grab it frozen and..... PUFF! The Macaron Cookie is freezing at first, and as you bite it down, it slowly melts in your mouth. It tastes sooo... sooo....... SOOO.................. DELICIOUS!

Come and Taste it by Yourself!

As you can see, all three desserts have something special in common: it uses food-grade Liquid Nitrogen, while creates that cool, theatrical smoke effect!
As much as it is safe to use for this kind of Molecular Gastronomy Cuisine, you should make sure that the stuff you dip inside the Liquid Nitrogen must be completely dry so it will not burn your tongue. See Elle's video here to see how she pat off the Cotton Candy Ball dry before eating it. ^^v

Blowing Desserts will launch at Locale Diner & Bar TOMORROW, 19-20 December 2014, at 19.00 - 21.00. 
P.S. There will be FREE TASTING as well! ;D

Locale Diner & Bar | PIK Ruko garden house B10-11, Jakarta Utara | +6221-29033162 | hello@localediner.com

Come with your friends or treat yourself one or two of these delicacies. And most importantly, have fun eating them! XD

December 10, 2014

NEW in Town: WAKUWAKU Japan Cafe

Some of you might have already heard about WAKUWAKU Japan. But for those of you who haven't, WAKUWAKU Japan is an entertainment channel that has been broadcasting Japanese TV programs in Indonesia since February 2014! For more info, read our review about it here.

And now ladies and gentlemen, WAKUWAKU Japan has spread their wings by establishing this Japanese-themed cafe:

Before you think something like, "Oh well, just another cafe with charming decor."

It's not!

WAKUWAKU Japan Cafe has something really unique and exciting to offer their customers which we think is very important if you want to stand out from the crowd, especially in these days where cafe business is growing so rapidly.

What they offer to you is... the opportunity to experience the real Japan.

Who wouldn't like to relax on the tatami, sip a cup of Ocha (or a spoon of Matcha ice cream) while enjoying the beautiful view of Japan's four seasons?
You can now do ALL that and more in Jakarta, thanks to WAKUWAKU Japan Cafe(´▽`ʃƪ)♡
Putting sakura ceiling on our Christmas wish list!
Here's a closer look to the indoor seating area. Covered by tatami mats and cushions, surrounded with LCDs showing the beautiful and soothing scenery that will complete your Japanese culinary experience. :)


For food, we ordered Tai-Chazuke, Sake-Chazuke, Chirashi Sushi, and of course, Matcha Shiratama Anmitsu and Imagawa-Yaki for dessert! (ˆ ڡ ˆ)
A lovely waitress with our freshly-brewed Houjicha (roasted green tea)! All the waiters and waitresses there gave a very pleasant service. :)
Fyi, they give you a FREE REFILL on the tea! *wink*
And if you're feeling a bit cheapo or you're just not that hungry, you can order their tea only and get FREE Shiki-Oriori cake (click here to know what it is)! How awesome is that?
Kampai to the free cakes and tea drunk!! Lol.
Pour yourself a cup of tea (and even better with a slice of cake) to make this rainy day less dreary.


After the food arrived, we wanted to shove 'em right into our mouths, but they were just too pretty that we couldn't resist not taking any pictures!
In case you are wondering why there is a "Kaffein" word there, WAKUWAKU Cafe is a collaboration between WAKUWAKU Japan with Kaffein Cafe.
Elle's Sake-Chazuke (Salmon)
Jess' Tai-Chazuke (Snapper/Ikan Kakap)
As expected, the food tasted as good as they looked! It was no surprise because they imported the chef and food ingredients straight from JAPAN! And while we are on it, all the cutleries and equipments they use in the cafe are also Japan-made!
The toppings.
Sake-Chazuke and Tai-Chazuke are both warm, comforting type of food. The way to eat them is to pour the hot water (here at WWJ Cafe they use fish stock) over the rice like we did in the pictures.
Treat yourself and try them please! The fish stock in particular, was very light yet rich in flavor. Perfect companion during this rainy season. :)
Our tips: Eat them while they are hot. Don't take too much time in taking pictures!
Ah, did you know? The Jap initially used Ocha for the hot water, hence the name: Cha/tea + Tsuke/submerge, but nowadays people are starting to use fish stock. Also, they usually eat Chazuke after the main courses.

What seems to be everybody's favorite: Chirashi Sushi (or "Scattered Sushi")! We also love it to bits! :D

And while we were enjoying our meals...
 JENG JENG JENG! Look who came to the cafe!!
IT'S ULTRAMAN!!! (✧۝✧)/
It was very entertaining and weird at the same time, seeing Ultraman posing with the food and photographed by many people while we were eating quietly at the next table from him! Such a rare event, lol!
And so, we decided to take a pic together before he took off saving the world! x)

Okay, we then continued to... dessert!! This Matcha Shiratama Anmitsu was so heavenly, we could die! The mochi was oh my God! So soft and melt in your mouth! Mixed with matcha ice cream and red bean and anmitsu, &*#^$%@*@&!!! That's all we could say...

Like most Japanese culture, this furoshiki-wrapped sweets is very unique! Shiki-OriOri with its cookie-texture represents Japanese four seasons: Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter. All of them taste yummy, we really enjoy them!! Especially when knowing the backstory of each cookies. ^^
As you can see from the picture above, they have an outdoor seating area as well! But we didn't manage to take a look as we went straight to the WAKUWAKU Cafe Opening Event on the ground level of the mall after we've finished our desserts! 
It was so crowded because JKT48 was going to perform that night!
Not only is the event beautifully decorated with Japanese theme, there are also Japanese street games to keep you entertained and get to know Japan a little bit more.
Us. Failing so many times at this game. (Thanks Osafune-san for the pic ^^)
Oh yes, you can also borrow Yukatas for FREE to take some pictures! We chose this fake sakura tree as our backdrop ^^ Hopefully we can take pictures with real sakura in Japan soon!! *fingers crossed*

Found these funny-looking masks near the Yukata corner :D
All in all, we had a GREAT time that day! From the delicious food, nice ambience, lovely service and surprising event at the WAKUWAKU CAFE, to the fun and delightful WAKUWAKU Cafe opening event! Thank you, WAKUWAKU Japan and BinaBlog for inviting us!
See you again soon :D

Gandaria City, Mainstreet Dining UG. Unit #MUC33
Jl. Sultan Iskandar Muda no. 8
Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia
10:00 - 22:00
Open until 28th January 2015 only! (HURRYYY)