November 25, 2015

What to Eat in Korea | BINGSU at 'Sulbing (설빙): Korean Dessert Cafe'

Injeolmi (인절미) Bingsu

Annyeonghaseyo! Today we're gonna introduce you to this simple yet awesome Korean dessert called Bingsu!
Bingsu is made of super soft shaved ice with various toppings. It is most popular in Summer, but it's basically (and thankfully) available all season. ^^
This one is Injeolmi (인절미) Bingsu.
The topping is Injeolmi, which is is a variety of 'Tteok' / Korean rice cake / glutinous rice / mochi... we guess? So aside from the super soft snowflake shaved ice, you also get the chewy injeolmi rice cakes inside, topped with soybean powder AND it comes with a small cup of sweet condensed milk for the finishing touch. But hold on, on top of that, the Injeolmi (인절미) Bingsu here in Sulbing uses shaved frozen milk instead of shaved ice, so it's even moreeeee delicious!

 We also tried the Milk Red-bean flavour (₩ 7,000)! Yummyyy (especially if you're a fan of red bean), but still, we love the Injeolmi Bingsu more. ^^
 Their best choices of Bingsu ↑ So curious of the Cheese flavour (lower left)!
Besides Bingsu, the other must-try dessert in this cafe is Injeolmi Toast!
 It looks just like the photo! Σ(꒪ȏ꒪)
Love the sticky rice cakes in between. If your teeth is sensitive to cold foods, then this is your best choice here. :)
 The other toasts. All look delish! (;﹏;)
 As you can see, they have a pretty wide selection on the menu, and some of them were not included on this big menu yet. Like this Cheese Tteokbokki (SUPER yummy btw - smoking hot, spicy, savory-sweet and chewy, you gotta try it yourself):
 We saw it on the (supposedly) new menu at a table near the cashier, along with these other newbies:

For drinks, we opted for mineral water (which is FREE and always available for self-service refill lol) and our mom tried their Traditional Ginger Tea and loved it! :)

The atmosphere is very cozy!

We had our first Bingsu here in Sulbing (설빙) Korean Dessert Cafe and few days later, we tried this other place that sold Bingsu as well (a famous cafe which has many branches in Korea). We really thought it would be the same or at least similar like, c'mon, it's just Bingsu man, how hard is it to make a good one *optimistic*, but nuh-uh! The other place's Bingsu is not as soft, tasty and... It's just not as good as the one in Sulbing, seriously!

We think the secret lies in the shaved ice itself. As we mentioned above, here in Sulbing, instead of using shaved ice, they use shaved frozen MILK instead for their Bingsu; resulting in a creamier and tastier bowl of Bingsu! 
Anyway, we stalked their website and found a very interesting fact that this cafe was launched in 2013 and it was a booming success; within only a year, they launched 490 stores. DAEBAK!!! So if you're going to Seoul and you're interested to try Bingsu here (which we really recommend you to do so), here you go:

Busan original store (본점): 부산광역시 중구 광복로 54-2
Sangnam-dong: 창원시 성산구 상남동 21-12 (그랜드빌딩 201/202호)
Yongho-dong: 창원시 의창구 용호동 73-24번지 2층
Palyong-dong: 창원시 의창구 팔용동 100드림피아상가 201호

Ah, NOW we're craving for a bowl of Bingsu! ><

November 07, 2015

Tokyo DisneySea Feb '15 Outfit

#OOTD: GOWIGASA Babe Sweater (Soft Pink) | Uniqlo Baby Blue Turtleneck (HeatTech) and Red Trousers | ZARA Pink/Magenta Coat | Madewell Bucket Bag | Dr. Martens Creepers | DITA Sunglasses | Uniqlo Baby Blue Socks

Yes, I am late.
This is a throwback outfit when I went to Tokyo DisneySea early this year, lol. Hope I can blog about the magical place itself! It's just... too many photos to select and edit hahaha /cry.

These are some previews in case you missed them on Instagram ^^:

Anyway, we will travel again tonight! Can you guess where we're heading? ;)


November 06, 2015

How Romantic Am I? | Elle Yamada

Hello Friday, hello you!
When I hear the word 'romantic' I immediately think of lace and flowers. So happy I found this flowery spot to complement my outfit. If you live in Jakarta, you'd know how rare this sight is, lol.

Speaking of romantic, I don't consider myself a romantic person. All my ex-bfs and current bf told me that I'm an indifferent girlfriend lol. But I still enjoy watching romantic movies and getting my heart moved by them. So, in order to find out my romantic "level," I took a quiz!! Hahahhaa! Here's the result:
You are a little bit romantic, and a little bit practical. You may not go all out on Valentine's Day, but you have your own romantic inclinations that are sure to please your partner - when you choose to.

*nodnod* (︶▽︶)

If you want to test yours too, click here. Let me know your result in the comment box below!  

#OOTD: Look Couture Lace Dress | Elisa Litz Nude Pumps | By Invite Only Necklace and Ring


November 03, 2015

What's Inside LINE Friends Store & Cafe | Seoul, Korea

It's hard to miss this store when there is 'Mega Brown' (3.2 meters) waiting for you at the entrance. 
We were very lucky it wasn't crowded at all that night! We read Ladyironchef's blog that they had to queue to take a picture with the famous bear, phew!

This place was actually not on our "to-go" list in Seoul. So, while we were strolling through Garosu-gil for shopping and culinary trip two days ago, we saw something familiar and eye-catching down the road, and to our surprise, it was LINE Friends Store & Cafe! We were very excited right away because we've been big fans of their stickers and characters since 2012!╰(✧∇✧)╯

But to be honest, we thought it would only be a simple cafe with some merchandise inside, because we remember some of our Instagram followers told us to visit "LINE Cafe" not "Store & Cafe"; but boy, were we wrong. This flagship store totally exceeded our expectation! We are pretty sure no matter you are a LINE fan or not, you will find something that you like here.

It consists of three floors where each floor has its own charm. Let's take a look!


Character-themed stationery, plush dolls, and figurines.
LINE RANGERS plush dolls 
Oh, hi! This one is a mouse pad.
LINE Halloween edition :D
BROWN overload! Look at dem cute sweaters!
Sally nyempil ;D
Elle's OOTD: Top from Japan | Plaid Coat from Dongdaemun | Topshop Pants | Bruno Premi Boots | Charles&Keith Bag | Hat from Paris


Character-themed bakery/cafe, more stationery and plushies, and... toilet.
Sorry we cannot comment anything about the taste because we were just too full to try it. ヘ(_ _ヘ)

There's Mega Sally on this floor as well! :D
Jess' OOTD:  GOWIGASA Maple Capri Pants (Brown) H&M Meow or Never Sweater | Uniqlo Heat Tech Black Stocking | Hush Puppies Shoes | Cat Eyes Socks from Korea

Lol the toilet. 


Fashion items.
You can also do a selfie with James, the narcissistic gentleman! Haha

LINE Friends Store & Cafe
535-15 Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-Gu, Seoul, South Korea
Opening Hours:
12:00-21:00 (Everyday!)