September 27, 2016

20 Ide Outfit untuk Pengendara Motor Wanita

There are so many women riding motorcycles, especially in Jakarta. If you are one of them and looking for outfit ideas, this post is for you, female riders!
We've created 20 looks for 10 different themes that we think are comfortable yet stylish for your riding time! Enjoy! :)

Don't forget to click on the pictures to enlarge.

That's it guys! Thank you for reading and happy riding! :D

September 07, 2016

Stay Connected While Traveling | Wi2FLY Portable Wifi Review

Ahhh, portable wifi. A marvellous thing invented by a genius who loves traveling and would very much like to stay connected during the trip, I suppose.

Earlier this year, I wrote about this awesome portable wifi (a.k.a. mobile wifi router) in Singapore, and now I'm gonna introduce you to its newly born Indonesian sister, who's now ready to serve our wifi needs all around the world: Wi2FLY.

Some of you have asked me various questions about traveling, and one of the most frequently asked questions is: Do I prefer to travel by myself or use a travel agent? The answer is the former. I enjoy traveling by myself, creating my own itineraries according to things that really interest me, following my own schedule (which is very 'flexible', I must say), and so I posted this DIY traveling tips last year on my page:
As you can see, upon 'Arrival', I strongly suggest to my readers to have a portable wifi ready with them, because imagine this. You're arriving at this deserted terminal at midnight, carrying two heavy suitcases -one on each hand- and nobody's picking you up. It's cold outside but you have to wait for a taxi that seemingly would never come, but it is your best option because you might get lost if you try to walk further from that taxi stand, and besides, it's too cold and the suitcases are getting heavier and you're getting more and more tired.

IF ONLY there is a good wifi connection around, right??
Then you can connect your smartphone and contact a friend or family who can pick you up, or order a local cab, or perhaps find the best route from that terminal to your hotel and get on with it by yourself, because at the very least... you wouldn't get lost.

And that's just one of many perks of having a portable wifi around when you're traveling, my friend.


Now now, without further ado, let me re-introduce you to Wi2FLY, the wifi solution that I mentioned earlier.
"Wait, it's black? I thought you were holding a white thing..."

Yes, because for this review, I had the chance to try Wi2FLY on both my Maldives and France trips, and this lil black one got my back in Maldives!

Although during the first night it didn't work (the connection kept failing), that I needed to connect to the wifi in the hotel lobby, the customer service from Wi2FLY replied me quickly and helped me check on the connection:
And so, the next days, I was able to surf (geddit geddit, surf~) around the island, happily connected to the outside world. Without it, I wouldn't be able to publish any of these posts on my Instagram:
And many more on my Snapchat, Shine, Twitter, Facebook, etc. XD


In France, I used Wi2FLY everywhere I go and it worked REALLY nicely for most of the days.
Yes, there were a few glitches (the wifi would suddenly stopped working), but most of the time, I easily solved it by pressing the power button on the device to turn it off and and on again (restarting it), and voila, it's back to work.

I used it while browsing the pretty streets in Paris:

Used it all day long while enjoying the beautiful views in Nice and Grasse:

Heck, it even accompanied me in the plane for more than an hour due to my delayed flight from Nice to Paris:
Thank you, Wi2FLY!

Wouldn't be able to post these pics without you:

(( Not to mention how you helped us keeping in touch with our family, friends, clients, customers and employees during the trips ))

(( Also, how you enabled us to use these helpful apps on the go: Google Maps, Uber, Waze, TripAdvisor, Google Translate, Weather Forecast, Currency Converter, and so on ))

(( Really, thank you, Wi2FLY! ))

About Wi2FLY

This baby doesn't come alone.

So, what's in the package?
When you order Wi2FLY, you will get a red bag which consists of the router itself, a SUPER USEFUL travel adapter (seriously, this thing is the bomb, it's a one-plug-fits-all adapter and I was really thinking to keep it. I didn't btw), a charger cable, and an troubleshooting card in case of any problems:

Here are some useful informations about Wi2FLY (benefits, pricelist, worldwide area coverage, how to order) that I found on their website:
As you can see from the info up there, the router is DELIVERED FOR FREE* to you 1 day before your departure!! How convenient is that??
*You can also choose to pick it up at their office

Special for our readers

When you're ready to order:
2. Enter your destination and traveling dates
3. Use this Discount Code 'W2INJESS' to get 15% OFF your purchase*!!!
*this code is valid until 30 September 2016, so make sure you use it before thattt XD

And that's it, enjoy your trip!

Okay guys, I hope you find this post useful. See you again soon! :D

Jessica Yamada

August 20, 2016

POKEMON GO: How I Gained 78000 XP in 30 mins! - Indonesia (Eng Sub) | Elle Yamada

Hi everyone! As you all know, Pokemon Go is all the hype right now! There are so many people got hooked on the app, and I'm one of them. In this video, I share how I gained a lot of XP in just 30 minutes! Hope you enjoy it and find it helpfulthumbs up if you do! :)

Don't forget to watch 'til the end for the bloopers! xD

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Thank you so much for your support, I sincerely appreciate it! 


July 17, 2016

Green Tea Kisses with Lip Ice Matcha

Haluuuuu. Wassuppppp.
I know holiday has ended but fret not, we can always make it fun, whether we're going back to school, college or work. Maybe by trying a new hairstyle, bringing something cute to eat at lunch, orrr... you can simply try something new and cute, like trying this Lip Ice Butter Ice Cream Matcha on your lips!
Yes, so does Matcha. 😁
Yummy, yummy Matcha 😋 🍵

 So, what was my first impression of this product?
1. When I applied it, it gives immediate cool sensation on my lips
2. It has a very nice and soothing Matcha scent
3. Anddd it's GREEN *ya huh*! so I was quite skeptical because I don't think green would look good on my lips, but then againnnnn.........

 Before - After application of Lip Ice Matcha
 As you can see, despite it's green color, it actually -and surprisingly- gives your lips a natural tinted lookNot to mention, it is also enriched with natural moisturizing ingredients, like Shea Butter, Squalene, Olive Oil, Vitamin E and UV protector, which prevents dark lips due to sun exposure.

So, do I love it? YES.
I always love a multifunctional product that works, just like this one. In Lip Ice Butter Ice Cream Matcha, I love the natural tinted look and the moisturizing effect the most. Not to mention it's also super affordable, like, only IDR 30,000 (less than USD 3) per piece! 😙 🍵  It is now one of my must-bring things in my bag.
*for more information of where to buy it, click here

Anyway, as part of their product launch, Lip Ice is doing this competition on Instagram:
Simply try Lip Ice Butter Ice Cream Matcha, post a picture and share your story with it on your IG, use hashtags #MatchaLips and #ListenToYourLips, and you can win Instax or MAP Vouchers!

Leaving this post with a green tea infused kiss.

Jessica Yamada

July 01, 2016

Elle's Aegyo Sal (Eye Smile) Tutorial

Hi everyone!
Aegyo Sal or Eye Smile has been an essential part of my eye makeup routine since 2013, so I thought I’d share my way to do it! I love Aegyo Sal because it can make you look more youthful and your eye appear bigger :)

Enjoy this 3-Step Tutorial and don't forget to watch 'til the end for the bloopers!

June 28, 2016

Memory | A Story In 100 Words

Was challenged by a friend of mine to write a 100-word story about 'Memory'. So here's mine. 😁

A whiff of that particular scent you wore that night, and the many nights before, every time we met; just sent me back from this huge airport filled with strangers, to these candid memories of us. A collection of bittersweet moments of the adventure in the library, the war in the car, the breakfast after the fights. 
They belong to us. The memories.
“Mom,” a little girl beside me was tugging my skirt. I lifted her up, slowly emerging out from the temporal lobe in my brain, back to the reality I belong. 
And that’s all we are. A memory.

Jessica Yamada