September 21, 2014

DIY Fashion Projects with Paper

What do you love to do in your free time?
Hang out with friends? Sleep? Work out?

As for us, we used to love doing some Do-It-Yourself project when we were kids, and mostly Fashion accessories! I wonder when and why we stopped doing that, because It was really fun, y'know, just locking ourselves in our room prepared with food and drinks, and then start braiding some bracelets or necklaces! :D

Finally, there is a chance for us to rediscover the joy we had in DIY! Canon is organizing a DIY contest for everyone who loves to express their creativity through fashion called Paper Runway!!

Recreate fashion accessories, with paper, patterns and colours printed with a Canon PIXMA printer!

If you love creating fashion stuff, then you should join this contest to have some fun and get a chance to win amazing prizes! :D

How to Join the Contest?

• Create fashion accessories and/or outfits using only paper.
Patterns can be printed out on the papers used to create the outfit and accessories, but do note that utilizing patterns from PIXMA will earn you double votes!
• Go to Application on PIXMA Facebook page to submit your creation.

Here are some more sophisticated fashion DIY to give you (and us both) some ideas :)

...or maybe you are the type of person who just like to roll around? Why don't you try this bag using PIXMA prints? 

The Prize (worth up to USD$1300)

☆ First Prize 
 Canon PIXMA MG 7570 + Canon Powershot N

☆ Second Prize 
Canon PIXMA MG 6670 + Canon Powershot S200

☆ Third Prize 
Canon PIXMA MG 5670

We're pretty sure you all know how awesomesauce the print quality of Canon printer is, especially along with Canon fine-art papers. The colours are magnificent, the characters are sharp, in shortyou can easily get the quality of a professional photo lab! \ (๑✧ȏ✧๑) 

Take this opportunity to showcase and express your talent and creativity in fashion and stand a chance to win those amazing prizes! Not only that, your work would be featured on the gallery page of this Paper Runway Campaign on Facebook and be seen by their 830,000 followers. :D

 Campaign period begins on the 12th of September and ends on the 13th of October.
 Winners will be selected 50% by votes and 50% by Canon team.
 Please visit PIXMA Facebook page for more details regarding this campaign.


September 18, 2014

Falling Birds

Hello everyone!
I shot this outfit post around last week as we were approaching sunset, and the light was gorgeous. I barely edited the colours, it was naturally pink-purple-ish like that :) Makes it look a bit emo compared to my usual outfit posts though! haha
 Anyway, even though here in Indonesia we have summer all year long, but fall is already in the air in some parts of the world. So, why not make it today's theme!

For me, every time I hear fall or autumn, I instantly think of earth-tone colours aka the colours that come from natural things around us, like soil, leaves, sky. I will never get tired of these colour schemes! They can create that warm, friendly atmosphere :)
 The first thing that came into my mind when I was planning this outfit was the pants! I think the olive green colour is really "autumn-y" and provides a good starting point for the rest of the outfit.

After that I decided to go with dark colour palettes to match the pants and theme. I chose this bird prints top so my outfit won't be too plain, and I also tucked it just a little bit behind the belt buckle (front tuck), so that the brown colour from the belt can pop up. Besides, wearing a belt will also create a waistline :) Just remember to wrap the belt around the thinnest part of your waist!
 For shoes, I chose this Michael Kors slingback sandals that I got from Shopbob. They are very very comfortable and casually stylish! I'm sooo eyeing the brown ones! Last time I checked, Shopbob still carried my size :D Wait for me brownies!
 For bag, I opted for my 3.1 Phillip Lim Pashli Medium Satchel that I also got from Shopbob. I LOVE it so much, I think it really adds style and class to an outfit! And the medium satchel is just the purrrfect size for me, because it's roomy enough to fit all my everyday essentials (which is a lot, and thus made me scratched the mini size off the list), and the bag itself is already quite heavy so I don't think I can handle the large size.

It also comes with an adjustable 19in/48cm drop bag strap which is removable! Me like a bag with optionshandles and a strap. 

If you find it interesting, you can go to Shopbob for more colour and style options! :)
 To finish off my look, I wear my brown fedora hat to match the colour of my belt. Plus it's great to cover my black roots! Ah, that reminds me to book a salon appointment. -___-
Can't get over the colour of the sky.
What I Wore: Twenty3my Birdie Top | GOWIGASA Olive Green Capri Pants | 3.1 Phillip Lim Pashli Medium Satchel in black (from Shopbob) | Michael Kors Cassie Slingback Sandals (from Shopbob) | H&M Brown Fedora Hat and Belt

Okay that's all for today, thank you for reading and see you guys in my next post! :)

꒒ ০ ⌵ ୧ ♡
Elissa Yamada

September 17, 2014

[VIDEO] Bolu Goes Meow + Bonus Facts About Her!

Our lovely Scottish Fold Cat PRINCESS BOLU has decided to speak with her tiny, soft voice…to the camera. Because this is her first appearance on Youtube, I decided to mention some facts about her, too! Click play to watch the video or click this link:

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Okay then, thanks a lot for watching and see you guys on my next post! ˆ)づ♡

Jessica Yamada

September 07, 2014

Cold Press ID Juice Detox Review

Is it only me, or do you also notice that recently, cold pressed juice has JUST become the 'it' thing on Instagram? To this trend, I say "WELCOME!!!!!!!" with flailing open arms! *:・゚┌(  ≧▽≦‎ )┘
Proudly finished these six super juices from @ColdPressID.

What's with the enthusiasm, you ask. It's because it is SO DAMN HARD to find good quality juice in Indonesia. This is one common complain which I tweeted not so long ago:
Basic tip for ordering fresh juices in Indonesia: "Please separate the sugar, sir."
Yep, they're really THAT sweet. Here's an example of an orange juice / 'jus jeruk murni' that I bought from a restaurant nearby:
Left on a sink for a while, can easily say, "Fresh ants, anyone?".

Also another common complain is that most of these Indonesian 'fresh' juices consist around 10% fruit and the rest would be water and sugar. Well in their defense, at least they use REAL fruit, NOT syrups or concentrates (a.k.a. sari buah jeruk / konsentrat buah apel / etc. in Indonesian language) like most juices you find in the supermarket fridges. But 10% fruit and 90% water and sugar? Definitely not good enough for our body, FYI.

I would like my juices pure, fresh and rich like this, please.

Why don't you make your own juices, then?
Well, that is a mighty good solution, son, but unfortunately I don't have the time (and enough motivation) to do it. That's why I'd rather have my juices fresh and ready to drink whenever I want it. Unfortunately before I found out about this cold pressed juice trend it is really difficult to find good quality juices out here. But then again, I guess the problem in Indonesia is that there are still very few of us who understand and willing to pay more for REAL, 100% high quality juice which is mighty fresh and packed with undoubtedly beneficial nutritions. The good news is, the number of health conscious consumers in Indonesia is rising, which significantly increase the production of healthy products like TODAY, YAY!

Okay, then what about this 'juice detox' thing?
I don't even know what detox is.
Permission to quote (by quote I mean screencap) from @ColdPressID's Get To Know Kit:
So basically, Detox is a cleansing system for our body. It is a neutralizing process to flush out toxins and free the body from addictive substances such as caffeine, sugar, alcohol, junk food, etc. More about Juice Detox:

Now that you know enough about it, let's get right to……..

TADAHHHHHH!!!!!!! Welcome, welcome, my freshly pressed juices!!! (\()/)

    Spinach, Kale, Cucumber, Lettuce Romaine, Celery, Lemon, Mexican Turnip, Bok Choy, Green Leaf Lettuce 
    Beetroot, Carrot, Cucumber, Apple, Lemon, Ginger
    Cashew, Almond, Walnut, Brazilian Nuts, Macadamia, Hazelnut, Pumpkin Seeds, Chia Seeds
    Watermelon, Pineapple, Mint
    Apple, Naval Orange, Pineapple, Mint, Lemon, Starfruit, Cucumber
    Grapefruit, Cucumber, Starfruit, Mint, Pear, Apple

Let the challenge begin with Juice #01.
Yes, the color will turn completely green after you shake it. 

Gulp gulp. Ah! Excuse my morning face. And hair.


Juice #01 [Green Boost]
Look, smell and taste are all equally intimidating. Just relax, think of it as an exotic drink from a faraway land, which is really hard to get and is very nutritious. Gulp. The more you drink, the easier it gets. Gulp.

Juice #02 [Roots Exotic]
Spicy. No, seriously, I think it's the ginger. The beetroot also plays a big role in this one. A bit sweet.

Juice #03 [Nutty Nuts]
Now kids, note that it just gets EASIER from here. This Nutty Nuts is delicious! Think of unsweetened almond milky bubble tea but instead of chugging down some full-of-carbs bubbles, you get pleasant surprise of chewy chia seeds instead. Yum!

Juice #04 [Refresh]
Really, really refreshingly sweet. I think the watermelon is the major ingredient for this one. LOVE. The easiest one to take down because this one is the lightest (maybe because it has fewest ingredients used?) and the texture is the most liquid, thus, easiest to gulp. The natural sweet taste is also super plus point.

Juice #05 [Hawaiian Breeze]
Deliciously sweet. I'd drink this everyday if I could.

Juice #06 [Citrus Burst]
Almost the same with Hawaiian Breeze. Deliciously sweet and refreshing.

Number 3, I love you!


So, I had the privilege to try @ColdPressID's BEGINNER (1 Day Cleanse) Program and a week later, the INTERMEDIATE (3 Days Cleanse) Program.

What I felt during the Beginner / 1 Day Cleanse:
Overall, according to my family and myself, I got very cranky that day (temper got a lot better after Juice #04, though). I also felt lightheaded and kinda flimsy. A bit weaker than usual. My body felt SO MUCH lighter, too. I don't know if it was me fainting (which I did not, lol) or if I did lose some weight (I didn't take measure). I peed A LOT. Which is normal for the amount of drinks I took.

What I felt during the Intermediate / 3 Days Cleanse:
I still peed a lot and my body still felt so much lighter, no more cranky mood, though. ;) But there were SO MANY TIMES I craved for pasta, sushi, meat, snacks, desserts!! So if you're going to try this (literally) fruitful program, I warn you to stay away from all the temptations because they do not worth the result you're gonna get for sticking to the program! On the last third day, I got no craving at all. Heck, I even felt SAD when I was on the 3rd juice, and savor each and every last one of the juices to the very last drops, knowing that it's really hard to get such high quality juice in Indonesia. *cries* And feeling sad again while typing this omg. It's because each bottle contains up to 5x more nutrients (as a result of the 'cold pressed' process*) than regular juices, uses no water, no sugar, no preservatives, juiced fresh, etc. ARGH!!! (T_______T)
*What differentiate Cold Pressed Juice from juice produced from a normal (centrifugal) juicer is that centrifugal juicer has a fast-spinning metal blade that generates heat, which destroys some of the enzymes in the fruits and vegetables you’re juicing. The heat also oxidizes those nutrients, rendering less nutritious juice than a cold-press juicer. Cold Pressed juicers extract juice by first crushing and then pressing fruit and vegetables for the highest juice yield. Because they don’t produce as much heat, they keep more of the fresh ingredients’ nutrients intact. @ColdPressID

What I feel after the cleanse:
• My metabolism feels great, I (pardon me) poop everyday and the poop is, you know, solid great. It must be the fibers from the vegetables. P.S. Do you know that poor digestive system is one of the main causes of ACNE? That's why I always try my best to poop everyday.
• I wake up earlier now. I don't know if it's an effect from the detox, but before it, I ALWAYS have problem waking up. And for these last few days, I wake up earlier, feeling refreshed and even BEFORE my alarm rings. I sleep faster and better, too! [[ EDIT ]] It's been weeks from my last detox / the date I wrote this review and now my sleeping pattern is back to normal (by normal, I mean sleeping at 2-4 AM and waking up at 11 AM - 01 PM). Ah, holiday hours… Y U have to break my beautifully restored sleep pattern. (˘̩̩ᴗ˘̩̩ƪ)
• Caffeine addict no more. I feel fresh and productive, even without my regular cup-o-coffee(s).
• MSG or even salad sauce feels too strong now.
• SO MUCH LESS craving for artificially sweetened / overly tasty food. It's like... my tastebud is going au naturel! I was eating fried noodles just now, and it felt too oily and left greasy aftertaste in my mouth. Cray! I used to love THIS fried noodles!! And now, if I can avoid eating it, I'll avoid it.
2nd example, yesterday I drank a cup of hot chocolate I used to drink and it left tacky-sweet feeling on my tongue. And just now, I drank a cup of instant coffee and it happened again!! U gettin so picky now, eh, tongue?
• Less craving for food in general, which is great because I used to have random, unnecessary cravings for... anything lol. And it's definitely a waste of space in my tummy, not to mention money, energy and time (I used to drive out just to buy a cup of coffee + a slice of cake after dinner and then go home wtf. And yesterday, I walked past a supermarket *ooh chips!*, a coffee house and a dessert parlor, and I can proudly say... I didn't even WANT a bite of any of them, no interest at all! Crazy)!
• More craving for fresh vegetables, fruits.. I feel healthier already, knowing that I'm even more of a health conscious consumer now.

Price and How to Order

You can visit their page here ( or email them at or simply take a look at this pricelist (contact attached):
Get 15% off ALL Detox Program - - How? Just order and mention the secret code: "I LOVE BEING HEALTHY"
*order valid until September 30th 2014, 21:00 WIB

To all of you who are planning to try this Juice Detox Program, I wish you good luck and allow me to say that I am so proud of you for wanting and pursuing a healthier lifestyle (I, too, need to fix my sleeping pattern and start exercising. Let's work together! FIGHT!!!). (ノ≧▽≦)*:・゚

Behind the Scene

 Was attempting a pose with my finished @ColdPressID bottles when……..

…this fatfat suddenly came and ATTACKED the bottles!!! Hahahahahaha. Love you, Bowuuu

Okay then, thanks a lot for reading and see you guys on my next post! ˆ)づ♡

Jessica Yamada